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  • Grade 9 Trip Fundraiser Update

    Just a reminder that our second BINGO fundraiser is tomorrow night (March 25th) at the Halifax Forum. For any students who have handed out vouchers, please ensure their name is on them so they get the credit! This is always a fun night out and an easy way for the students to make $10 off of each sale. Vouchers and info are attached.            Bingo Ticket Link      Frequently Asked Questions

    Information for Candle Fundraiser can be found here


  • Assessment and Evaluation Day

    The Halifax Regional School Board is postponing the Grade Primary to Grade 9 Assessment and Evaluation Day from Friday, March 27 to Friday, June 26. Students in Grades 10 to 12 were already scheduled to be in school this Friday. School buses will be running and the EXCEL Child Care program will operate in schools where it is offered. Given the weather-related challenges of the past two months, as well as the recent March Break and upcoming holidays at Easter, it is important that all students be in school on Friday engaged in their learning. All schools will continue to focus on providing high-quality instruction and making the best use of available class time.

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About Us

Madeline Symonds Middle School is located in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia.  We have a student population of 680 and a staff of 50.  We offer both Early and Late French Immersion.  To learn about Madeline Symonds, click below.
  • About Madeline Symonds

    Madeline Symonds was born in Saint John, New Brunswick. Both of her parents died during her younger years and as a result she was sent to the Maritime Home for Girls in Truro. The superintendent of the home, at that time, was appointed to be her guardian.

    Over the years she attended school and completed her grade twelve. In 1927 she entered a teacher training institution in Truro, the provincial Normal College. The graduating class of 1928 was proud to boast Madeline as the first African Nova Scotian female to graduate from the Normal College.

    In August 1928, at the age of twenty-three, Madeline approached the inspector of schools to teach in Hammonds Plains, as many teachers who previously taught there had gone to other locations.

    The school in Hammonds Plains was a small wooden building with a wood stove. Each desk had a seat, which enabled three children to sit together. Some days the room was cold but no one complained, as they were eager to learn. Grades were taught from the ABC class to the end of grade nine.

    She was instrumental in raising funds to enable a new schoolhouse to be built in 1945. With the new school, came new programs and new teachers. After a few years, further additions were added to the school.

    Mrs. Symonds was appointed principal of the school. She later gave up this administrative position and returned to teaching grade three.

    During the early 50’s, Mrs. Symonds also taught correspondence and adult classes after school. Some of these students went on to pursue careers in theology and medicine.

    After completing thirty-five years in education, Mrs. Symonds retired from teaching in 1964. She had spent almost her entire teaching career in Upper Hammonds Plains. She continued to be active in the church as well as the Upper Hammond Plains community.

    We as a community are very proud to have our school inscribed with her name and legend.